First Place has many great reasons to reside here, like:

24 hour security.

On site amenities such as the pharmacy, hair salon, and a variety store (open until 12:00am).  

A reastaurant with reasonable prices. Servers who are friendly and courteous, creating a warm and welcoming place to eat. 

A laundry room located in the penthouse, where the prices are better than most. 

A chapel for Sunday morning worship.

There is also a pool table and an exercise room, with a personal trainer on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to assist you and help you with a training schedule to fit your personal needs.

There is a comfotable lounge beside the restaurant with chairs to relax, and a fish tank with various species - which is well cared for.

Pets such as dogs and cats are allowed.  

There are crafts, euchre, and movie nights on Fridays.

Across the street is a Tim Hortons for your convenience.

I am very grateful to be a resident of First Place, and am looking forward to meeting you here! 

- John Olchowecki, Resident


I have noticed that everyone who lives at First Place Hamilton, absolutely loves being here. Our families are very contented that we as seniors are being well taken care of.

The downtown location is perfect. The accessibility to variety stores, Denninger's, Tim Hortons, No Fills, doctors, dentists and lawyer offices makes it very convenient for seniors to shop and take care of their health.

The park across the street is beautiful, particularly in the summer time and provides us with an opportunity to socialize, walk our pets and fill our lungs with fresh air.

I like it that the Library book-mobile comes to West Avenue so that people who enjoy reading can select many different books.

It is also nice to have Jackson Square close by with the Farmer's Market. Dollar Store, clothing stores and so on.

The taxi service in this area is spectacular, they arrive within minutes, hardly even giving us time to get our coats on!

The ground floor has a lot of amenities, the pharmacy, hair dresser, aesthetician and variety store which makes it so convenient, that tenants do not even have to go out of the buildingto get necessities if they are not feeling well or if the weather is severe.

There are lots of elevators and the modern ones that "talk" make the building appear classy.

The laundry facilities are inexpensive and clean. The view from the laundry room is lovely and people are generous in leaving books, magazines and newspapers for others to read.

We are all very happy to have a chapel in the building, particularly because it is non-denominational. There is also St. Patrick's Church for the people who are Roman Catholics nearby.

It is a very quiet building especially at night and with security being here constantly, as tenants we feel very safe. People who reside here are very friendly and helpful towards each other, which makes it a comfortable atmosphere.

The office staff here are extremely pleasant, patient and helpful. The maintenance men are also very pleasant, professional and efficient. Maintenance issues are dealt with very quickly.

There are so many activities that no one has to be lonely or feel alone. Movie night, bingo, chess, tea parties, musical shows and others too numerous to mention make us into a special community. All the activities are free or very affordable.

The outside patio is appreciated and it is so nice that flowers are planted around the building.

First Place is my home and my special place!

- Mary Anne Filipovic, Resident 

First Place needs no second look!

- Brian Anderson, Former Resident 

When you walk into First Place Hamilton for the first time, you can be a little confused.

There are three commercial levels featuring businesses, retirement living on the second floor and a restaurant, exercise room, and large adutorium for meetings on the third.

Above all of this is a 23 storey tower of apartments with a laundromat and a chapel, with a glassed in panoramic view of the city at the top.

The building is operated as a community atmosphere, where all seniors may have an equal chance to take part in whatever events they wish to do.

There are plenty of health and exercise programs available to suit all needs. You may join groups or practice on your own.

The seniors here have many walkers, wheelchairs and scooters, all which are easy to manoeuver throughout the building. Wide halls and extra large elevators can handle most apparatuses.

With all of these facilities available the emphasis is on quality of living for senior people. Even the light switches are lowered in apartments, so wheelchair folk may reach them.

The building has excellent staff and guards for total security.

Here they place the people first!

- Barry Love, Resident 

First Place, is a very busy building with games groups and discussion groups active most evenings, helpful health proceedings and musical entertainment in the summer months. We have interesting bus trips in the summer and a Christmas Lights trip in December.

- Dave Rule, Resident 

I moved to First Place Hamilton in September 2011, and it was the best move I have ever made. It is a pleasure to deal with the staff, who are always friendly, obliging and willing to do what they can to make your stay enjoyable.

What's more, there are so many different programs and activities that residents can literally fill their days meeting and mingling with neighbours. The SMILE Wellness program makes it easy for residents to stay active in their own home; helping us stay healthy and independent.

In short, I would recommend First Place Hamilton without reservation to anyone looking for a home.

- Bob Dew, Resident

I wish to thank you and your staff for the good work and good service I have received during my residence at First Place Hamilton…the building is looking very much improved.

- Linda Longman, Resident

Nine years ago, I chose to move to First Place Hamilton. At that time it was known to be the best place for seniors and those with disabilities. Since CityHousing Hamilton (CHH) assumed management, it has become an even better place to live. We have had many upgrades, both structural and cosmetic.

When you live here, you have numerous amenities at your fingertips, such as a drug store, variety store, hairdresser and aesthetician. Along with that, there are endless activities to take part in, including cards, billiards, bingo and shuffleboard. They even have a fitness room and wellness program complete with a personal trainer and physiotherapist. But, the real gem is the rooftop garden. It is open to residents and guests with planned entertainment during the summer months.

The residents at First Place Hamilton are friendly and caring, and are always concerned for the welfare of their neighbours. When we take advantage of our communal dining room (also open to guests) we enjoy great social interaction. The prices are reasonable too.

A big asset to residents is the efficient and compassionate management staff at First Place Hamilton, which includes a Community Relations Worker, Recreation Services Director, and when needed a Public Health Nurse. Where else could you find all of this in one package?

If you are looking for accessible, exceptional accommodation at reasonable prices, I hope you will choose First Place Hamilton. I have never been sorry that I made that choice and hope you might make it too!

- Helen Gunn, Past President of the Resident Representative Organization 

I have some very pleasant memories of Living at First Place Hamilton over the past 13 years. I will miss many people - both the young and the old - and the very beautiful sunsets over the Dundas Valley! Thank you.

- Joel Potts, Former Resident